Burke Electric, Inc., Licensed Electricians and Electrical Contractor, provides a wide range of residential electrical installation, wiring and repair services, as well as 24/7 emergency services, for residential new construction and remodeling projects throughout the Treasure Valley area of Idaho and Oregon.

As licensed electricians and an electrical contractor, we value your business and strive to provide the best customer experience by honoring you with polite, friendly consideration, with no foul language or smoking in your home or on your property.


Burke Electric offers a personalized Home Walk-through of your new or newly remodeled home to discuss your lighting design and options to plan the overall desired electrical plan:

  • Discussion on the latest options in lighting to help you make the best decisions
    • Under cabinet lighting
    • Task lighting
    • Recessed lighting
    • Directional lighting
  • General lighting
  • Assist in the lighting design process
  • Incorporate your surround sound system and media center

Contact us today to find out how Burke Electric’s licensed electricians and electrical contractor can help you with your residential electrical installation and repairs.


Burke Electric’s electricians can install all types of electrical products and perform a variety of electrical services in your home including, but not limited to:

  • Custom remodel wiring
    • Subpanel installation
    • Electrical service upgrade
    • Electrical service inspection
    • Breaker panel upgrades
    • Code corrections
  • New construction wiring
    • HVAC wiring (air conditioner, furnace, heat pump)
    • Electrical service installation
  • Interior lighting plans and installation
    • Wall sconce installation
    • Florescent lighting
    • Rewiring of Antique Light Fixtures
  • Multimedia cabling (audio, video, data)
    • Surround sound systems
    • Flat screen TV installation
  • Communications
    • Computer network cabling
    • Surge protection
    • Phone system cabling
    • Intercom system installation and repair
  • Outdoor Lighting
    • Low voltage lighting systems
    • Landscape lighting
    • Security lighting
    • Swimming pool and hot tub wiring
    • Outdoor holiday  lighting
    • Generator installation and wiring
  • Separate wiring and circuits for:
    • Freezers/Refrigerators
    • Washer/Dryer units
    • Welder and Shop wiring
    • Christmas Tree lighting circuits

Interested in finding out how Burke Electric, Inc., Licensed Electricians and Electrical Contractor, can help you with your residential electrical installation and repair? Contact us today.