Tips for using  portable space heaters:

  • Safety Tips for Portable Space HeatersMake sure you place your heater on a secure, strong surface and follow all manufacture guidelines.
  • Keep heater at least 3 feet away from any type of flammable or combustible material, like furniture, curtains, bed sheets or clothing.
  • Only plug one heater into an outlet.  Plugging multiple heaters or electrical devices into the same outlet or the same circuit can cause them to overload the circuit. 
  • Do not use an extension cord or a power strip to plug in your portable heater, it can cause the cord or power strip to overheat.
  • Never leave your portable heater running unattended or while your family is sleeping.

Your portable heater should only be used to supplement your homes heating system.  There are an estimated 3,800 portable heater fires annually in the united states,  and they account for 25% of fatalities caused by house heating  fires.  If not used properly they can be a serious fire hazard and most importantly a danger to your family.  

Contact your electrician to be sure that you are using your portable heater properly.