The days are getting shorter and it is getting dark much earlier, now is a good time to think about security and flood lighting for your home or business.   Most crimes like burglaries, home invasions, vandalism, and attacks happen at night.  Your home or business is much less likely to be targeted if it is brightly lit, or has other security lighting.


Security Lighting in Emmett IdahoThere are three basic types of security lighting, talk to your electrician to decide what type is best for you.

  1. DUSK TO DAWN LIGHTING: These come on every night and go off every morning, using a sensor.   They remain on through the night, leaving your property well lit.  The downside to this type of security lighting is that it uses more electricity and burns through more bulbs.   They will also sometimes stay on all day, in low light situations like rainy or cloudy days.  
  2. MOTION ACTIVATION LIGHTING: These lights only come on when motion is detected within the range of the fixtures sensor.  This option works well to alert you someone is in your yard, as well as alert the intruder they have been detected.   This option of security lighting  conserves electricity by only coming on when motion is detected rather than remaining on the entire night.
  3. DUSK TO DAWN ACTIVATED LIGHTING: This option of  security lighting is a combination of the above two types.  The lights come on at dusk, but only dimly until dawn.   If motion is detected they activate and turn on at the brightest level.  This is a good option if you like the idea of having some lighting on your property throughout the night but still want to conserve electricity.

All three options can add safety, peace of mind, and security to your home or business.  Whichever security lighting you choose it is important to consult your electrician to determine what type, how many, and if you will need more breakers to handle the extra wattage.   They can also help you determine which type fits your budget and security needs.