Three Reasons your breaker may have tripped:

  1. Tripped Breaker in Payette, Idaho The most common reason a breaker trips is due to overloaded circuits.   This happens when to many amps are being used on one circuit, using to many appliances that require high energy, like a blow dryer and a portable heater.   As a safety measure a breaker is designed to trip when it overheats, you will need an electrician to inspect this issue further, but turning off or unplugging the appliances will ensure the breaker is safe to use and won’t trip.
  2. The second most common reason is a short circuit. This occurs when the hot wires inside the electrical service panel come in contact with either other hot wires or neutral wires. An electrician will need to inspect your power cords and outlets for damage and will check to make sure the wires within your electrical service panel and near your outlets are all properly insulated.
  3. A ground fault is another reason a circuit breaker will trip and is the most serious. This happens when hot wires in your electrical service panel come in contact with the metal panel box. Your electrical service panel box is connected directly to the ground wire and the two coming into contact will cause short circuiting. You will need an electrician to come out to check for damage to the wires or to correct the wire placement.

It is important for your safety to never try to correct a problem in your electrical panel without the help of a licensed electrician.